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  • RHA CL2 Planar Wireless or Wired (2 in 1) In-Ear Headphones

    SRP: $1588

    Member Price: $1508.60

    Promo: $1483.99


    The all new RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic In-Ear Headphone (Wired / Wireless) uses a revolutionary 10mm planar magnetic driver to produce powerfully accurate audio, usable for the first time in both wired and wireless configurations.

    Revered planar technology
    Planar magnetic technology is renowned for accuracy, response and control across the audible range. The CL2 Planar is built around the smallest commercial planar magnetic driver ever released. A 16 micrometer-thin diaphragm and planar coil are suspended above two perfectly matched magnetic fields. Four years in development, CL2 captures the precision, response and accuracy of planar magnetic technology, perfected for the first time in an in-ear driver – allowing for fully portable, high fidelity audio.

    Refined, precise design
    Injection moulded ceramic housings provide both low-distortion audio and a breath-taking aesthetic; coupled with the convenience of MMCX detachable connections. With applications ranging from synthetic diamonds to medical-grade implants, zirconium is an incredibly durable ceramic compound.

    An injection moulding process – wherein the material is heated to over 1400°C in order to reinforce and purify it – is used to achieve the distinctive, precise shape on the interior and exterior. Using this process provides both a comfortable, unobtrusive fit and crystal-clear audio transmission.

    Listen everywhere
    The CL2 Planar includes a folding carry case, designed to carry all the cables and accessories you may need. For an even more portable setup, a weather-proof carry pouch is designed to house the headphone in your chosen configuration.

    Key Features

    • Planar magnetic driver for audio with outstanding accuracy
    • Detachable MMCX ceramic housings
    • Supplied with 12-hour Bluetooth® neckband with aptX™ compatibility
    • 3.5mm oxygen-free copper and balanced 2.5mm silver-coated cables
    • Injection moulded ceramic housings
    • Folding carry case, carry pouch, flight adapter and sports clip
    • Supplied with dual density, double flange and Comply™ Foam ear tips

    Technical Specifications

    • Weight: 9g (without cables)
    • Impedance: 15 ohms
    • Max/rated power: 2 / 10mW
    • Sensitivity: 89dB/mW
    • Frequency range: 16 Hz – 45,000 Hz

    What's Included

    • RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic In-Ear Headphone (Wired / Wireless)
    • Ag4x silver coated cable: MMCX – 2.5mm balanced
    • Braided oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable: MMCX – 3.5mm
    • SecureFlex Bluetooth® neckband: MMCX
    • Flight case
    • Carry pouch
    • Stainless steel ear tip holder
    • USB C charging cable
    • Flight adapter
    • Dual density silicone ear tips: 2xS, 2xM, 2xL
    • Double flange silicone ear tips: 1xS, 1xL
    • Comply™ Foam Tsx400 ear tips: 3xM
    • Sports clip
      $1,588.00 Regular Price
      $1,483.99Sale Price