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  • BEYERDYNAMIC Xelento wireless In-Ear Headset

    SRP: $1799

    Member Price: $1709.05

    Promo: $1598.99


    Beyerdynamic Xelento wireless is a unique piece of jewellery for your music on the go. Xelento Wireless combines cableless freedom with spectacular sound quality. Xelento wireless now allows you the pleasure of beautiful musical moments – without the burden of cables. Miniaturised Tesla technology and a first-class Bluetooth connection thanks to aptX™ HD make a brilliant musical experience possible everywhere. Together with outstanding wearing comfort, this makes Xelento wireless the perfect match for your audiophile lifestyle.


    Xelento wireless is the epitome of on-the-go audiophile listening pleasure. Its striking sound quality is unique among Bluetooth in-ears. Thanks to its integrated remote control and hands-free microphone, and a battery life of up to five and a half hours, these headphones can be adapted to your needs with a great deal of flexibility – whether you want to listen to music or give someone a ring. Enrich your mobile lifestyle with the Xelento wireless.


    Outstanding sound free of cables. Xelento wireless makes the seemingly impossible possible. A superior sound experience is now achievable for the first time using Bluetooth. The headphones’ Qualcomm® aptX HD™ codec ensures an outstanding Bluetooth transmission quality unparalleled by other devices. Through these mobile headphones, you’re guaranteed to have a high-resolution sound without dealing with a tangled mess of cables. And should you wish to enjoy your music via cable: thanks to the MMCX connectors, the Bluetooth cable of Xelento wireless is detachable. It can therefore be exchanged for a cable featuring a remote control that is included in the scope of delivery. This way, Xelento wireless turns into a wired model in no time - according to your personal preferences.


    The Xelento wireless is Hi-Res Audio certified and can handle high-resolution audio files. Therefore, when played back, those audio files retain all their musical details. To enjoy Hi-Res Audio with Xelento wireless, wired connection is needed.


    A miniaturised version of the Tesla driver was developed especially for the Xelento series that is every bit as exceptional as its larger archetype. As Tesla headphones, the Xelento wireless is multifaceted and offers a precision second to none among in-ear models.


    Every detail of the Xelento wireless is designed with optimum wearing comfort in mind. Ergonomically shaped casings and eartips effortlessly conform to your ear while ensuring ambient noise attenuation. Due to the cable running behind the ear, the perfect balancing of the connecting cable and the additional support clips, you are guaranteed the best possible wearing experience.


    The Xelento wireless is carefully handcrafted in Germany. Skilled professionals wind the tiny voice coils, rotate drive parts and finish off the in-ear under a microscope with the utmost precision. This acoustic masterpiece combines the full wealth of experience with the passion of the beyerdynamic employees.


    Key Features

    • First-class Bluetooth connection (Qualcomm® aptX™ HD and AAC) meets highly efficient miniaturised Tesla technology drivers
    • High-resolution sound for an audiophile lifestyle on the go
    • Ergonomically shaped casings coupled with perfectly moulded eartips (10 sizes) for perfect wearing comfort
    • Exclusive materials like silver-plated cables, aluminium battery casing and engraved faceplates
    • Handcrafted "Made in Germany"


    Technical Specifications

    • TRANSMISSION TYPE: Wireless via Bluetooth
    • REMOTE: Universal 3-button remote
    • NOMINAL SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 110 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz)
    • CONSTRUCTION: In-ear headphones
      $1,799.00 Regular Price
      $1,709.05Sale Price