High-Definition Nuarl NT01A True Wireless Earphones at Irresistible Price Point

Updated: Jan 9

The revamped NT01A with the same performance and sound quality of NT01AX, now with improved key functions and simplified accessories to provide a more practical price point.

Connectivity improvements with Qualcomm's Bluetooth SoC "QCC3020" providing greater dependability with increased connection stability and range for interruption-free audio enjoyment.

10 hours of continuous playback on the earphones

Realizes 7 hours of continuous playback even when playing high-quality aptX audio. Power saving feature, each time the power is turned on, the one with the most battery remaining is switched to the parent machine to prevent battery loss.

Custom-designed graphene driver

The most important part for music earphones is a full-range dynamic type driver with a diaphragm coated with carbon graphene, which is harder than diamond. Among the many graphene drivers, we have adopted a custom-made one that focuses on sound quality.

Uses HDSS for clear sound playback

Patented technology “HDSS” of TBI USA which suppresses distortion and reproduces the presence. Prevents in-head localization that is common to canal-type earphones, and reproduces a natural sound stage.

Supports Qualcomm AptX audio

Lower latency for phones or devices that supports AptX audio. Improving movie & gaming experience.

Volume optimization

Lowering the playback volume of the earphone and the volume of the voice guide from the previous model makes it easier to use when using a music streaming service or in a quiet location.

USB Type-C connection charging case

The charging case that can be used with all NT01 series is equipped with a battery that can charge the empty NT01A about 2.5 times, and you can enjoy music playback of up to 35 hours or more.

Supports smartphone operations

Earphone operation buttons support smartphone remote control operations. Music playback operation (play / stop / song forward / song back), * 2 volume adjustment (UP / DOWN), incoming call (answer / reject / end call) can be performed. Equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone, you can also use voice commands such as calls, voice input, and Siri / GA.

Sleep mode and automatic reconnection function

The earphone goes into sleep mode when fully charged, reducing battery consumption in the charging case. The automatic reconnection function automatically turns on and reconnects when you open the lid.

TWS Plus Ready Equipped with TrueWireless Stereo Plus

Qualcomm's unique left and right independent communication technology. By using a compatible smartphone, the left and right earphones are connected to the smartphone independently.

Power saving function

The earphone operation indicator LED goes off during playback, and blinks when playback is stopped or in standby to prevent you from forgetting to turn off the power. Even if you forget to turn off the power, it will turn off automatically when the connection is lost.

Equipped with IPX4 water resistance

The water-repellent treatment equivalent to IPX4 with nano-coating water-repellent treatment inside the earphone is safe even when operated with wet hands.

Unique design with excellent usability

The operation buttons are easy to press even when the gloves and nails are stretched on the top, and do not press the ears during operation. Fully asymmetrical shapes do not make a mistake on the left or right without visual inspection.

Supports firmware updates

Supports updates from iOS / Android smartphone apps. You can use the dedicated app*3 to improve when problems occur and update functions.

Technical certification

Certified domestic radio law technology conformity and Bluetooth and other license authentication.

* 1 Time for continuous operation without turning off the earphone (roll swap function not used)

* 2 Volume control cannot be controlled with some digital audio players.

* 3 A dedicated app must be downloaded from the App Store / Google Play when updating the firmware.


External dimensions:

  • Earphone body ... W 26.0 × H 25.2 × D 28.2 mm

  • Charging case… W 59.1 × H 42.0 × D 34.2 mm


  • Earphone body ... Approx. 5g (one side)

Charging case:

  • about 35g

Reproduction frequency band:

  • 20-20,000Hz


  • φ6mm “graphene diaphragm” dynamic full range (HDSS adopted)

Power supply:

  • Earphone body ... 3.7V / 60mA (one side) lithium polymer rechargeable battery

Hard case:

  • 3.7V / 500mA lithium polymer rechargeable battery * 1 Continuous playback time (SBC, AAC): Approximately 10 hours (35 hours or more in combination with the case)

  • (aptX): Approximately 7 hours (24 hours or more in combination with the case)

Continuous talk time (maximum):

  • 15 hours or more Charging time (maximum): About 1.5 hours

Bluetooth specification:

  • Version 5.0 / Class2 / Multi-pairing (4)

Bluetooth profile:


Supported codec:

  • aptX, AAC, SBC


  • Omnidirectional (with cVc noise canceling)

Water resistance:

  • IPX4 equivalent


  • Charging case x 1 1 x USB Type-C cable for charging Earpiece… L / M / S × 2 each Ear loop ... L / S x 2 each (S size is already attached to the earphone) User's Guide (Japanese, English, Chinese)

Color (Earphone body):

  • Black Gold / Deep Navy

Warranty period:

  • 1 year Certification, etc .: BQB / QID, radio law certification

What is NUARL? NATURAL & NEUTRAL. Natural comfort, neutral existence. It must be a product that naturally adapts to everyday life. Functionality derived from all elements such as material, shape, technology, etc. and a quiet form. It is a brand born in Japan. NUARL products are developed in Japan and designed by industrial designers in Japan.

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Available Colors:

Deep Navy

Black Gold

Source: NUARL


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